• Dahao high-speed closed-loop four sequin products


    According to the above application situation, Dahao Technology Corp., Ltd. cooperated with the top equipment manufacturers in the industry to launch a new closed-loop motor drive and auto-slicing four-squin products based on the market demand, which can meet the needs of users for high-speed, high-quality sequin embroidery applications.

  • DAHAO Magnet Encoder Type Thread Breakage Detection Product


    As a basic function of the embroidery control system, the thread breakage detection plays a very important role in the application of the embroidery machine. Traditional thread breakage detection adopts the spring type thread breakage method to identify the thread breakage by the on/off connection of the spring connection loop. The advantages are the upper thread detection is sensitive, the type of thread breakage board is less, and the interface is simple, while the disadvantage is, the bottom thread detection recognition is not that good, and in most cases it is unable to detect and report error.

  • Dahao A15 Hand-painted Embroidery


    Doodle culture has always been followed by young people and trendsetters of all social circles. The appearance of Dahao A15 doodle embroidery perfectly combines the trend culture with Chinese traditional embroidery art. It uses hand-painted methods, after drawing personalized painting or signing one's name on the drawing board, then corresponding stitches are generated, you can transfer the hand-painted design to embroidery machine with just one click. As long as you start the machine, it can embroider the pattern on clothes, hats and other items to show the young man's personality.