Human resources is the company’s first resource.
Respect Talents and people oriented is the foundation of Dahao’s survival and development.

Dahao adheres to employment philosophy of Virtue is preferred, Person-post Matching and best use of talents
Employees are required to have the quality of honest and trustworthy, pragmatic, respectful, polite and humble and the spirit of optimistic and confident, enterprising and motivated, continuously innovative and positive.

Salary and Benefits

Total Wages= Post Wage+ Seniority Wage+ Monthly Performance Bonus+ Post Subsidies+ Year-end Bonus+ Project Bonus etc.
We will adjust the salary at a fixed time every year, according to the employee's personal ability, quality, and performance contribution as well as the salary level in the same industry.

  • Seven Insurance and One Housing Fund

  • Dormitory

  • Shuttle Bus

  • Nutrition Meals Throughout The Day

  • Traffic Allowance

  • Sunstroke Prevention Subsidy

  • Winter Heating Subsidy

  • Festival Bonus

  • Staff Tourism

  • Full-pay Sick Leave

  • Statutory Holiday

  • Festival Gifts

  • Birthday Gifts

  • Wedding Cash Gift and Funeral Condolence Money

  • Annual Physical Check

  • Athletic Association

Training and Development

New employee orientation training, pre-job training, product knowledge training, Induction director plan during probation period... Perfect training system helps new partners quickly integrate into our family and helps flat communication.

Dahao Life

There are not only like-minded mentors, but also the perfect balance of work and life

Talent Recruitment